Greetings, fellow adventurers


Before getting into "Why we created Epic LARP Armory..", please allow me to welcome you to our website and introduce myself, as well as those assisting me in this journey. My name is Alex and my business partner on this quest is John. For a combined 60+ years, we, as well as our rabble-rousing associates, have been LARPing. It's been quite a long time and though we've slowed down a bit over the years, we still enjoy a great adventure now and again.

During our days spent exploring the wondrous Live Action Role-playing lands, as well as many different style LARPs, I noticed that many adventurers longed for American companies to purchase latex or boffer-style weapons, shields, armor, and accessories. It occurred to me that there are dozens of stores on-line yet very few of these were based in the United States. At the early stages of our gaming most products were shipped from overseas at great expense. John and I decided to personally take it upon ourselves to order from these companies and test their products. While the design was impressive and the product durable, the price was off-putting.

And so our quest began- To find a reliable, high quality and affordable line of latex and boffer-style weapons, shields, and armor. We ordered dozens of products and used them in our own gaming experiences. We shared these products with fellow adventurers to get direct feedback. It was, after all, the gaming community we would be focused on. We knew if they liked it, they would want to use it. So we sat down with the gamers to compile feedback of all sorts, which helped us to decide the line of products we'd offer.

So began the dream of Epic LARP Armory, an American-based on-line store with a tried and tested line of great products, where our goal is to deliver the best equipment to you. To "gear up your game!" We strive to have the best prices available for any style LARP, SCA, or other re-enactment group. This allows you to have the best chance at that full-immersion feeling, which is the reason we all started LARPing in the first place.

From two gamers to another, take that step into the fantasy world we all long for, and do so with the best weapons, armor, and accessories to guarantee your adventuring success. 

Game On!

Alex and John