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A Mystical Elf, Wielder of Magic?


An Honor Bound Knight?


A Brutal Orc Warrior?


The Perfect Ranger?


The Hearty Human Warrior?


The Gypsy Merchant?


A Wily Halfling Rogue?

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Here at Epic LARP Armory, we strive to help you enhance your live action role-play experience by selling only the highest quality, best-looking latex weapons, latex shields, leather and steel armor, and costuming fit for any period or archetype - all at competitive prices! Our products are perfect for any NERO campaign, SCA, Amtgard or Dagorhir campaigns and other LARP re-enactment groups. Beautifully designed to give you that full-immersion feeling, which is the reason we all started LARPing in the first place.


The long, drawn-out battle has finally come to a close, the sunlight filtering green through the leaves of the trees overhead. You look around at your fellow adventurers - an elf, a dwarf, a goblin - and find yourself completely and totally lost in the fantasy. You are your character, you are a bold warrior, a wily mage, a swift rogue. Complete and total immersion is the goal of any LARP and there’s no easier way to achieve that goal than with the realistic and beautiful weapons, armor, and costuming from Epic LARP Armory.

A Mystical Elf, Wielder of Magic? -  There are balls of both lighting and fire for you to harness your magic through, and the Ironshod Quaterstaff, to defend yourself for those rare moments, when arcane workings fail. And lets not forget robes and clothing of all styles to wrap yourself in. After all, a Mage must look the part.

A Honor Bound Knight? -  Start out with a padded gambeson and arming cap, then case yourself in one of many options for full plate armor. Finish the intimidating effect as you protect yourself and your allies with the Imperial Mace 

A Brutal Orc Warrior? -  You'll find your perfect outfit in our assorted leather armor and our high quality latex weapons will allow you to cleave through your enemies with ease. Perhaps you'll use the Wooden Orc Shield to protect yourself from your enemies' arrows.

The Perfect Ranger? -  Blend into the wild-lands with costumes for all seasons, ensuring that your prey never catches sight of you until the moment your arrow leaves your Wooden Scythian Horsebow, the arrow already on the path to drop your prey to the ground. 

The Hearty Human Warrior? -  No matter what weapon, from the Battle Broad Axe, to the Elven Battle Sword, to the mighty Two Handed War Sword, you stand ready to take on all challenges, and with weapons in hand, hopefully overcome them.

The Gypsy Merchant? -  Leather pouches of all shapes and sizes hang off your Leather Twin Belt, full of gold and silver coins. The profits made from your merchanting skill and trading exploits while you traveled the realms.

A Wily Halfling Rogue? -  A cowl and dark tunic will let you take to the night easily; you will never be unprepared with a full set of thieves tools and a spyglass. For those rare moments when fighting is inevitable, slip one of your numerous Stilletto Daggers out of the belt sheathe and stab your enemies. Then loot them, of course.

Gear up your game! Get the best LARP experience through high-quality, low-cost, full-immersion Epic LARP products!